LG 9Kg Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer with Auto Cleaning Condenser


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Upgrade Your Drying Experience with the Energy-Saving DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™ Dryer
Experience the Ultimate Combination of Performance and Sustainability

Protect your family from allergens with LG Tumble Dryer
Kills 99.9% of bacteria and dust mites!


Experience cleaner and fresher with our Dual Filter double cleaning function.

Minimize allergens and keep your cloths a haven of cleanliness. Lint, dust, and even hair that couldn't pass through

Never waste time and energy drying your clothes multiple times again.

With Sensor Dry, enjoy the benefit of having perfectly dried clothes on the very first try. The humidity sensor automatically detects the level of moisture in your laundry and optimizes the drying time accordingly.


Say goodbye to the hassle of manual condenser cleaning.

Our advanced Auto Cleaning Condenser takes care of maintenance so you can focus on what matters most—enjoying perfectly dried laundry.



Quick Dry with Eco Hybrid™ Technology
Give you the freedom to choose between time efficiency and energy conservation, providing a customizable and tailored drying experience.


Flexible Energy Savings
With Eco Hybrid™ technology, you have the flexibility to save energy without sacrificing efficiency. Opt for the energy-saving mode when time is on your side, reducing your environmental impact while still achieving optimal drying.
  Time-Saving Convenience
Choose the Quick Dry option when you're in a rush. Enjoy faster drying times without compromising on the quality of results, ensuring your clothes are ready when you need them.


Keep your favorite clothes looking as good as the day you bought them
Our advanced drying technology ensures that delicate fabrics are treated with the utmost care, preventing shrinking and damage.

With our innovative LG ThinQ™ app, your smartphone becomes the command center for your dryer
Allowing you to initiate drying cycles and receive notifications with ease.Take control of your laundry, no matter where you are.

Tailored Drying Cycles for Your Lifestyle
Our dryer's array of drying cycles accommodates different fabric types, from delicate silks to robust denims, ensuring each garment receives the care it deserves.

Automatic Cycle Synchronization
Say goodbye to guesswork. LG ThinQ™ allows your washer and dryer to communicate effortlessly,
ensuring the dryer automatically selects the ideal drying cycle based on the wash cycle information received from the washer.
Enjoy precision drying without the need for manual adjustments.



Tempered Glass   Reversible-Door


Stainless Steel Drum   With TwinWash Mini



LG Washer & Dryer   Stack Up Install




Download Cycle: Baby Wear : Yes
Gym Clothes : Yes
Blanket : Yes
Blanket Refresh : Yes
Single Garments : Yes
Deodorization : Yes
Small Load : Yes
Lingerie : Yes
Easy Iron : Yes
Super Dry : Yes
Economic Dry : Yes
Big Size Item : Yes
Minimize Wrinkles : Yes
Full Size Load : Yes
Shoes / Fabric Doll : Yes

General: Cotton : Yes
Easy Care : Yes
Mix : Yes
Duvet : Yes
Towel : Yes

Dimension: Dimension (W*D*H mm) : 600 x 690 x 850
Weight(kg) : 57

FEATURES: Finish - Body Color : Blue White
Finish - Door : Chrome rim + Black Glass
Basic - Max Dry Capacity(kg) : 9
Basic - Door Switch type : AC
Basic - Drum Volume (liters) : 118liter
Basic - Drum Light : Yes
Basic - Drum Lifter : 3 Lifter
Basic - Reversible Door : Yes
Contol - Program selector : Dial + Touch
Contol - Display Type : White LED
Contol - Figure indicator (Remain time, temp, RPM) :18:88
Contol - Delay timer : 3-19 hrs
Contol - Start/Pause Indication : Yes(Start button Blink)
Contol - Error Message Indication : Yes
Contol - Error Message Alarm : Yes

Drum Light : Yes
Buzzer : Yes
Remote Start : Yes
Anti Crease : Yes
Wi-Fi : Yes
Drum Care : Yes
Condenser Care : Yes
More Time / Less Time : Yes

KEY FEATURES: Inverter Compressor : Yes (Dual Inverter Compressor)
Autocleaning condenser : Yes
Inverter Motor : Yes
Smart Diagnosis : version 3.0
Wifi (Wifi Control) : Yes

DRY PROGRAM: Cycle No. : 14

CARING: Allergy Care : Yes

SPECIAL: Quick 30 : Yes
Sports Wear: Yes
Wool : Yes
Delicate : Yes

TIMED DRYING: Rack Dry : Yes
Cool Air : Yes
Warm Air : Yes
Download Cycle (Default Deodorization) : Yes

DRY MODE: Energy : Yes
Time : Yes

DRY LEVEL: Extra : Yes
Normal : Yes
Iron : Yes

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