LG Front Load Washing Machine 10.5kg


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AI DD™ - Intelligent Fabric Care with 18% More Protection

AI DD™ ensures that your laundry receives the most optimized washing motion, providing an unprecedented 18% increase in fabric protection.

AI DD™ is an advanced technology developed by LG for washing machines

AI DD™ is a smart technology that enhances the washing experience by leveraging artificial intelligence to detect the weight and softness of the laundry load.

It then autonomously selects the most suitable washing motions, offering a tailored approach to fabric care and ensuring optimal cleaning performance while minimizing wear and tear on clothes.

Transform your laundry routine with TurboWash™360˚
Cleaning in just 39 minutes, all while ensuring enhanced fabric protection.
 This cutting-edge feature employs 4 directions of 3D multi nozzles, reaching every inch of your laundry with precision and efficiency.

More Energy Efficiency, Less Damage
This cutting-edge technology not only reduces cycle time but also minimizes clothes damage, all while consuming less energy. It's the perfect blend of efficiency, care, and sustainability.

PrecisionSpray Technology with 3D Multi Spray and Inverter Pump is not just a washing feature.
it's a technological leap forward in achieving precision cleaning while caring for your clothes. Embrace the future of washing, where adaptability and efficiency converge to provide an unparalleled laundry experience.

Embrace the future of garment care with Steam+™
Where wrinkles are minimized, allergens are eliminated, and your clothes emerge not only refreshed but also hygienically treated.

Enjoy reliable wrinkle reduction with every load.
SteamPlus™ is designed for consistency and achieve 30% fewer wrinkles regardless of the fabric type or load size.


Enjoy reliable wrinkle reduction with every load.
SteamPlus™ is designed for consistency and achieve 30% fewer wrinkles regardless of the fabric type or load size.
Removal of up to 99.9% of allergens
Contributing to a cleaner and safer laundry outcome.

More Laundry in Every Load
Get more done in each cycle. The increased capacity of the same Drum allows you to tackle larger loads,
reducing the frequency of laundry sessions and freeing up time for more important aspects of your day.

Enhances durability and also prioritizes hygiene
Ensures the longevity of your washer but also guarantees a hygienic environment by resisting the build-up of germs and bacteria.


Enhanced Visibility, Timeless Elegance

Upgrade visible display, larger metallic-finished knob, and timeless elegance—a true reflection of sophistication in every cycle.




ThinQ™ Smart Technology - Elevate Your Laundry Experience
Your washer transforms into a smart companion with ThinQ™ technology.
Control it remotely, download new cycles—experience efficiency tailored to your preferences at your fingertips.
Smart, intuitive, and just what your laundry routine needs.


FEATURES: Capacity (kg) - Washing (kg) : 10.5
Spin RPM : 1400
Door Color : Black Tempered Glass
Net Weight (kg) :70
Circulation Feature :4way Spray
6 motion : Yes
Add Item : Yes
Smart Diagnosis : Yes
Motor type : AI Direct Drive
Body Color :Blue White
Dimensions (W x D x H) :600 x 560 x 850 mm
Turbowash :Yes
Steam :Steam+
Twinwash Comaptible :Yes
Wi-Fi :Yes
Standby Power zero : Yes

Quick 30 :Yes
Sports Wear :Yes
Allergy Care :Yes
Delicate :Yes
Wool (Hand / Wool) :Yes
Download Cycle (Default Rinse+Spin) :Yes
Cotton + :Yes
Easy Care :Yes
Silent Wash :Yes
Tub Clean :Yes
Duvet :Yes
Mix (Mixed Fabric) :Yes

Set up water temperature :Cold / 20 / 30 / 40 / 60 / 95
Rinse Option :1ea
Add Program :Yes

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