LG PuriCare Objet Collection Tankless Water Purifier - WD518AN

RM60.00 - RM3,200.00

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Self-Service RM60 / month
Regular Service RM50 / month
Self-Service RM3200
Regular Service RM4000
Enjoy hassle-free self-service technology without technician visit
Get Free of filter cartridge doorstep delivery every 6 months. 
10-years Inverter Compressor Warranty for long-lasting peace of mind
Free installation & relocation service once a year
No deposit or upfront payment


LG PuriCare WD518AN tankless water purifier come with minimalist smaller design, uv sterilisation dispenser & inverter compressor.



LG PuriCare Water Purifier Objet Collection

LG PuriCare Objet Collection Tankless Water Purifier, smaller, lighter, minimalist!


Minimalist Sensual Design in Your Kitchen Pantry

Smaller, minimalist design that blends well into any space adds a different touch to your kitchen. What's unique:

  • Tankless water purifier
  • Minimalist smaller design
  • UV sterilise 10min every hour
  • Inverter compressor energy saver
  • Self-care mode without require of technician visit
  • Stainless steel inner water pipe
  • WiFi connected LG ThinQ app
Drink fresh water with minimalist tankless water purifier
With the tankless water purifier, you don’t have to worry about microorganism growth, your water will be fresh in either hot, warm, cold, or room temperature.
Flexible installation in horizontal or vertical
Customise your installation style to fit any size of your kitchen pantry table in either vertical or horizontal, so that you have extra space for your kitchen work.
Perfect for family with any size of water container
Preset water volume in 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml or unlimited flow. With WD518AN ATOM-V, you can adjust dispense level for every 10ml interval.
Hot Water Temperature Control
Hot water dispense at 3 preset temperatures. From baby milk, for mom's lemon tea to dad's hot coffee, LG PuriCare saves you from the hassle in one touch!
A new filter is shipped to your doorstep every six months
LG, the only brand in Malaysia with a filter subscription service that ships a new filter to your home every 6 months. Self-service without needs of technician.
Just twist and pull to quickly replace the filter in 1-min
Easy filter replacement. Just twist and pull to replace the filter with a fresh one in one minute. No need to wait technician visits for the filter replacement.
Auto high-temperature sterilization of water pipes & outlet
Auto sterilization without the high costs of a technician service visit. Auto self clean the internal stainless-steel pipes and outlet, removing 99.99% of germs.
UV sterilization for pure water to the last drop
With UVnano sterilisation, the inside of the water outlet nozzle stays fresh with automatic UV light in 10 minutes every hour.
Removes 9 heavy metals, 99.99% of germs bacteria & norovirus
4-stage All-Puri Filter System. Enhances the taste of water by removing nine harmful heavy metals and bacteria with multi-stage filtration.
Smart home water purifier with WiFi connected
Peace of mind in the palm of your hand. Connect LG PuriCare Tankless water purifier to LG ThinQ iOS / Android app, to diagnosis or monitor.
A Sensible Kitchen with a Touch of Sensous Design

LG PuriCare Objet Collection water purifier provides an all-grade purification system and various smart and convenient features. Its compact and minimalist deisgn makes it easy to fit into most kitchen spaces.


Size (mm) (W x H x D): 168 x 418 x 485

Filter Type: UF (Ultra Filtration)

Filter Stage: 4 Stage of Filtration System
1st - Remove 9 types of heavy metals
2nd - Removal of various germs and fine particles
3rd - Remove Viruses such as Norovirus (99.99%)
4th - Removal of harmful contaminants

Hot Water Control: 40℃, 75℃, 85℃

Volume Control: 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml (10ml+ increment), Continuous

Maintainance Type: Self-Care Mode: Every 6 months LG send filters to you.
Regular-Visit Mode: Every 3 months LG technician help you change filters, cleaning & maintenance, and/or change inner water pipe.

Self-Care Mode: Auto sterilization (internal & outlet sterilize)
Easy filter replacement
Filter send to you every 6 months
UV-LED sterilization
Stainless Steel Water Pipe

Others: Customisable Filter Case Colour
Preset Favourite Setting for 3 Persons
Efficient Energy Saving
Auto Up & Down Water Tap
Ergonomic Touch Display
Child Safety Lock Function
Small minimalist Design
Flexible Installation - horizontal or vertical
Filter Change Alert
Voice Guidance
LG ThinQ

Compressor: Smart Inverter Compressor (10 Years Warranty)

Colour: White, Grey, Beige, Pink, Blue

Water Supply (Tankless & Unlimited): Hot, Ambient, Cold

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