LG S3WF Styler Smart Wardrobe

RM5899 (Sales)
RM90 / month (Rental)
Moving Hanger
LG patented Moving Hanger is powerful in dust removal which removes 99% of fine dusts certified by Intertek for better steam penetration with low noise operation at 41dB and 200 vibrations per minute.
LG TrueSteamTM
Without any chemicals, TrueSteamTM employed in LG StylerTM is able to effectively kill germs by heating water to 100°C and using the steam to eliminate bacteria and allergens from pet chairs, dead skin cells and mold in clothes, bed-ding, sportswear
Gentle Dry
Without direct heating and tumbling, LG StylerTM  Gentle Dry feature provides indirect drying by lower heat from a heat pump system to avoid clothes damage
Refresh Mode
Shakes Off Wrinkles & Odours as Fast as 20 Minutes
With just 20 minutes, LG Styler™ can quickly reduce odours and wrinkles of your clothes, and more to keep your fabrics like sun drying anytime.
Eliminates 99.9% Viruses, Bacteria, and Allergens
The Sanitize cycle powered by TrueSteam™ helps reduce allergens, bacteria and viruses in clothes, bedding, sportwear and even children’s soft toys.
Keep Your Precious Items Dry And Clean At All Times
Gently dry delicates like lingerie and sweaters faster than air drying with low-temperature drying system.
Smart Custom Cycles for Your Fashion Pieces
Professionally take care of your precious items that can’t be treated in traditional washers and dryers.
Download Tailor-made cycles for special fabrics*.
Smoothens Wrinkles & Get Crisp Crease in Your Pants
Keep trousers creases looking crisp while reducing general wrinkles quickly and easily.
LG ThinQ™
Easily Monitor And Control Your LG Styler™ At Your Fingertips
Thanks to ThinQ™ with Wi-Fi, you can control LG Styler™ remotely and download additional cycles for different fabric types. All at your fingertips.
  • Remote Control: The cycle can be started or monitored any place ant time using a smartphone
  • Cycle FInish Alaram: You can know when cycle is finished while you are away of Styler.
  • Download Cycle: Download new cycles to your Styler e.g. fur/leather care, jean care, school uniform care, down jacket dry, quite care*.
  • Smart Diagnosis: Helps you quickly troubleshoot almost any minor issue before it becomes a bigger problem.
  • Energy Monitoring: Checks energy usage for recenet cycles and for the month.
Removes The Indoor Humidity 
The drying feature also serves a powerful dehumidifier with the ability to extract up to 10 liters of water per 24h.* 
No Chemicals & Less Energy Consumption 
LG Styler uses TrueSteam' technology which operates with only pure water, no chemicals. Also the heat pump system uses less energy to dry. 
Check Your Look Immediately 
The fascinating exteriors of LG Styler-with Mirror Design can complement the design of any place in your home. You can take clothes out and try it out in front of the LG Styler. 

Well-matched Design Anywhere
For everyone of you across different roles


Size (mm) (W x H x D): 445 x 1850 x 585 (product)
538 x 1915 x 661 (carton box)

Compressor: Smart Inverter Compressor (10 Years Warranty)

Certification: SIRIM, British Allergy Foundation, VDE Certified, Intertek Certified

Weight (kg): 78 (product)
86 (carton box)

Color: White

Capacity: 5.2 kg

Door: Round Corner

Moving Hanger: 180 rpm

Display Control: Touch

Power Source: 230V, 8A, 50Hz

Energy Consumption: 1850 W

Operation Noise: 40dB A quiet library sounds.

Accessories Included: Shirt Hangers
Pants Hanger
Aroma Sheets
Pants Press
Pants Press Manual

Clothing Programs (min.): Refresh (Heavy): 59
Refresh (Normal): 39
Refresh (Light): 20
Special (Wools / Knits): 27
Special (Suit / Coats): 34
Special (Sports Wear): 54
Dry (Normal): 120
Dry (Snow / Rain): 51
Dry (Dehumidification): 120
Sanitary (Normal): 83
Sanitary (Bedding): 93
Sanitary (Fine Dust): 53
Sanitary (Heavy Duty): 123

Special Programs (min.): Extra Pants Care: 64
Fur / Leather: 30
Blanket Warmer: 30
Dress Shirts: 112
Shawls / Neckties: 23
Pants (Default): 64
Ready-to-Go: 10
Static Removal: 10
Hush Mode: 120
Padding Wear: 59
Jeans: 98
Rainy Days: 120
Baby Clothing Sterilisation: 84
Doll Sterilisation: 93
Suit / Uniform: 83
School Uniform: 69
Refresh Stored Items: 34
Wools / Knits Dry: 150
Thin Padding Dry: 85
Thick Padding Dry: 150

Clothing Care in A-B-C: A-line Skirt, Blouse, Cardigan, Down Jacket, Evening Dress, Floral Dress, Golf Wear, Hat, Indigo Jeans, Jumpsuit, Knitwear, Linen Shirt, Mask, Necktie, Oxford Shirt, Pillow, Quilted Jacket, Robe, Scarf, Teddy Bear, Uniform, Vest, Wool Coat, X-back Dress, Yoga Wear, - Zip-up Hoodie

LG ThinQ WiFi-Connected App: Smart Diagnosis 3.0
Remote Control
Energy Monitoring
Black Box
One Touch
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