LG PuriCare Water Purifier 4-WARD+ (WD516AN)

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RM5600 (Outright) RM120 / month (Rental)
RM3200 (Outright) RM50 / month (Rental)
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FREE Service, Filters & Parts Change
FREE Up to 7 Years
LG PuriCare WD516AN Tankless Water Purifier 4-WARD+ White with 4-stages filtration & tankless hot / cold / ambient water.

First in Malaysia with Self-Care Mode

No need technician visiting anymore! LG PuriCare NewModel 4-WARD+ WD516AN White introduce self-care mode. LG's smallest Tankless Water Purifier with biggest space saving. What's new:

  • New 250ml Output
  • Self-care mode without require of technician visit
  • Stainless Steel Inner Water Pipe
  • Filter 9 Heavy Metal (Previously is 7)
  • 4-Stage Filters (Previously is 3)
  • New Voice Navigation

Easy Filter Replacement

Just twist and pull to quickly replace the filter
Just twist and pull to replace the filter with a fresh one.

Filter Subscription

A new filter is shipped to your doorstep every six months
The first to market with a subscription service that ships a new filter to your home every six months.

Auto Sterilization

Automatic high-temperature sterilization of water pipes and outlet
High-temperature automatic sterilization without the high costs of a service call. You can clean the internal stainless-steel pipes and outlet, removing 99.99% of germs with just the touch of a button.

*The image of the product are for illustration purpose only and may differ from actual product
* The 99.99% sterilizing power of 'Internal Sterilize' & 'Outlet Sterilize' is the test result conducted by Korean test institutes KTL, KCL and KOTITI for representative model (WD505AW) based on the LG's internal evaluation method. And there may be differences depending on the operating environment such as ambient temperature. (21.05)
- Test bacteria: E. coli, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa (3 types of bacteria were selected among indicator bacteria for evaluation of sterilization performance and drinking water quality standards)
- Test Methods
1) Floating bacteria: At an ambient temperature of 25±5℃, after contaminating the internal pipe of the water purifier with water containing test bacteria, operate the sterilization function, and compare the degree of reduction in the number of viable bacteria before and after the sterilization function.
2) Adhesive bacteria: At an ambient temperature of 25±5℃, after forming a biofilm to the internal pipe of water purifier by attaching test bacteria for more than 5 to 7 days, operate the sterilization function, and compare the degree of reduction in the number of viable bacteria before and after the sterilization function.
*The sterilization range is filter and the internal pipe from the filter to the water outlet.

UV Sterilization

UV sterilization for pure water to the last drop
The inside of the water outlet stays fresh with automatic UV sterilization once every hour, or whenever you want.


Get fresh flowing water that never sits in a tank
With the tankless system you don’t have to worry about microorganism growth, and your water will be fresh whether it’s hot or room temperature.

4-Stage All-Puri Filter System

Removes 9 heavy metals & 99.99% of norovirus.
Enhances the taste of water by removing nine harmful heavy metals and bacteria with multi-stage filtration.
Up & Down Auto Moving Tap
Super Slim Design
180˚ Rotating Tap
Access to clean drinking water is never this easy with rotatable tap in 180˚

Regular Visit or Self-Service
Water purifier management that adjusts to your lifestyle
Save money with easy, convenient Self-Service thanks to intuitive maintenance functions you can use in between LG expert visits.
Maintainance Items Regular Visit Self-Service
Visitation Cycle Once every 3 months -
Filter Replacement Regular visit by PuriCareTM  Lady/ Technician Regular delivery 
Water Outlet Sterilization Regular visit by PuriCareTM  Lady/ Technician Manual
Water Pipe Sterilization Once per week, automatic + manual Once per week, automatic + manual
Product Cleaning Regular visit by PuriCareTM  Technician -


Size (mm) (W x H x D): 170 x 419 x 550 (With Tray)
170 x 419 x 410 (Without Tray)

Colors: White, Navy Blue

Filter Type: UF (Ultra Filtration)

Filter Stage: 1st - Remove 9 types of heavy metals
2nd - Removal of various germs and fine particles
3rd - Remove Viruses such as Norovirus (99.99%)
4th - Removal of harmful contaminants

Water Supply (Instant): Hot, Ambient, Cold

Hot Water Control: 40℃, 75℃, 85℃

Volume Control: 120ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Maintainance Type: Self-Care Mode: Every 6 months LG send filters to you.

Regular-Visit Mode: Every 3 months LG technician help you change filters, cleaning & maintenance, and/or change inner water pipe.

Self-Care Mode: Auto sterilization (internal & outlet sterilize)
Easy filter replacement
Filter send to you every 6 months
UV-LED sterilization
Stainless Steel Water Pipe

Others: Efficient Energy Saving
4 Directions Moving Tap
Ergonomic Touch Display
Child Safety Lock Function
17cm Slim Design
Flexible Installation - horizontal / vertical
Filter Change Alert
Voice Guidance
LG ThinQ Wifi Connected

Compressor: Smart Inverter Compressor (10 Years Warranty)

Certification: Sirim, Halal, NSF


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